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5 web design frederick md factors to consider hiring an agency for a new site

Don't you just love the scent of a new design on a website? It's like a '73 candy-apple red Corvette on a Sunday as you're about  drive to Ocean City for the week. 

Waxed and Gased! Ready to open her up on I-70.

That's what a new website is supposed to feel like, but unfortunately you went cheap and just thumbed through a yellowbook for web design and you left it in the agency's hands. Or even worse you outsourced to Upwork and cut cost even further and it took twice the time and look's OK.

Unfortunately, the new website doesn't align with your company brand, you have to get everyone new business cards, because the logo, no longer makes sense with your website or color pallette and you only can only communicate with the contractor via email.

First Free Tip: Go Local. Because just like with produce, Locally Sourced feels better.

Now that we have that established. It doesn't matter whether you are setting up a new e-commerce site, creating a new custom design for a cause, organization, marketing campaign, or if you are redesigning your existing site, below are 5 of the major factors you should consider when hiring a web design agency in Frederick, Maryland.

These are actually factors and features to consider when designing your site. However,  you will want to ask the agency you are considering hiring to show examples of how they successfully delivered on these goals..

Web design Frederick Maryland


Web Developement Frederick Maryland

You ever had that feeling when something just resonates with you so deeply that you when you see it you are speechless and paralyzed with emotion?

It gives you the chills. Your website should help you convey your main message with pinpoint accuracy that should amplify the feeling that you are trying to convey.

If you're selling financial services?  Trust and Ease. 

Selling a Restaurant? Deliciousness and Communal Happy Feelings (Nobody Eats Alone) 

You get the idea. Clarity of message, feeling, and positive outcome should be clear at first site. Often when I am called in to help with a website's SEO or performance, I run into sites that think about the feelings or mental state their customers' need to being in order to buy and unfortunately their sites don't convey that at all.

The color is too dark. It looks dated, There's no trust that the website will be safe with their information. These are all common problems that I see business owners make when designing their sites.

If you want customers to spend money with you, make sure you website puts them in the mental place where they are at least willing to pull out their wallets.

#2 Mobile-Friendly web design is at the bare minimum (no mobile, no bueno)

Mobile Friendly Design By Frederick Maryland Web Designers

Your customers will look you up on their phone in the middle of your sales pitch. 

It's rude. It's ,not personal. It's business.

The mobile revolution and the bad posture to boot is here. Customers might need to buy via desktop but they will judge you based on your mobile experience. 

If you're selling to millennials and your mobile experience sucks, forget about it.  

An interesting thing about mobile is that you if you have a good enough mobile experience, you could get your lead/sale registration process  started completed via mobile. It could be a phone number, an email, or Facebook messenger registration.

Making your site responsive or "mobile-ready" is the bare minimum and your web designer should know this in 2018. If your site doesn't look good or navigate well on your phone, you are fighting an uphill battle. Google has moved to a mobile first index and adapting to people's actual usage.

Your web design agency should be mobile focused.

Side note: interesting true website and seo design horror story

You would be extremely surprised how big a role web design and development infrastructure plays in the overall effectiveness of a companies digital marketing efforts. Something as simple as your website platform can hinder responsive web design and or limit your business to working with a certain tech stack or web development. 

We've seen first hand companies struggle with simple things like responsive sticky or toggle navigation headers, unstable webhosting, content publishing issues that hindered sales growth.

It's a problem for many companies as there are many web "agencies" that will gladly take your money and build you "beautiful site" on top off inefficient aging infrastructures.  Sometimes "you gotta do what you gotta do" but ask if your current website is ready for primetime marketing efforts and giving you information you need to make better marketing decisions.

#3 design for lead generation make it easy for me to sign up somewhere, anywhere please

Frederick Design for Lead Generation

People don't buy on the first interaction with your website, unless you have a huge trustworthy brand or you have something that is specifically unique to your site. Unless you are Amazon, Google, Facebook, Wayfair or AirBnB, most of your visitors will not buy on the first visit.

So what do you do? Get the lead. Get the opt-in. Get the email.

Depending on whether it's e-commerce or B2B lead generation, your conversion and the success of your site will depend on your design.

If it's B2B, don't make it hard to find the telephone number, request a quote, request a call back, submit an email, or schedule a demo. If it's e-commerce, decide on the ideal website conversion path, use clean bespoke imagery, and sales adcopy not just product descriptions.

Your follow up will make the difference, if you don't have contact information then you have to rely on other methods of follow up.

Or hope that you win the first time.

#4 seo focused web Developers can make a big difference

Website Frederick MD

Google is the gateway to targeted new people. A lot of web designers think about SEO as an afterthought and then SEOs have to fix the technical misteps.

A big factor is loadtime. Make sure your site loads relatively fast. So ensures that they use gradient and compressed images.

At a minimum, keyword research should be incorporated in the process of design, copy, and url structure. 

Basic on-page SEO should be applied on your website design.

#5 modern design, look, and feel

Make sure your e-commerce website design is modern

Unfortunately, your prospects or potential customers are Ubering, buying on Amazon, Wayfair, Airbnb, and IOS apps. 

If your site, looks old and cluttered, you are shooting your chances of building trust and ease with older looking design. Unless you are a historical archive like Wikipedia or archive.org or a bank, then your site should at least look as good as what you could get with WIX or Squarespace.

Have you noticed the amount of white space on many of the main millennial sites? 

Times are a changing and your Frederick Web Designer should help you adapt.

#6 Bonus tip: editable interface

Choosing a designer that can either design for a simple Content Management System or teach you how edit your website is critical. You don't want to call your web guy for everything. You want to make sure you can at least add, change content, and add downloadables.

Getting access to basic functionality on your site, is simple. 

I  have at seen large organizations fail at this,

Now you know 5 factors to look for when choosing your next web designer in Frederick MD.

If you need an affordable website designed that is focused on SEO, uses modern mobile-friendly design, and is a lead generation expert then work with us.

Give us a call or send us a message.

Frederick Maryland design faqs

Should your frederick web design company focus on seo optimization?

The short answer is yes! A lot of website design companies just focus on the graphic design and user interaction on the site and leave the website promotion foundation up to the customer. That's OK but really short sited in my opinion because if a client is paying for a website they will likely eventually want a way to promote that website and by not providing SEO best practice, that client will seek out a SEO agency like Lovell Media Group or end up being beholden only word of mouth of paid methods of web promotion. 

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