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Intelligent Digital Solutions for Start-Ups
& Small Business.

Better Storytelling. Better Engagement. Better Results.

Let's drive more customers today!

Reach More Customers Online

Let's Show Prove The Benefits of Your Business

Video Marketing

Video is becoming the fast growing media on the web. Let us help you harness the power of YouTube to drive local leads.

SEO + Content Strategy

Sometimes you just need a consultant to help guide your existing team. Let us help you grow your online presence.

Analytics & CRO

Let us help you drive more customers, manage your reputation, and create visibility from free search engine traffic. 

Why Work With Arthur Lovell?

Proven Success in multiple industries for mid-large scale clients.
Previous Successful Engagements Include:
FrontPoint Security, Hobsons, Envision Experience, International SaaS and Large E-commerce Companies  just to name a few.

Our Digital Strategy in 3 Simple Steps

We Focus on Results. Not Color Palettes.


Competition analysis, setup analytics, find & improve existing opportunities

You can't compete if you don't know what you competition is doing better than you. We can help with that. We also make sure you can track and gauge how people interact with your site.

Finally we identify current improvement opportunities on your website and in your marketing to get immediate results fast. 


video marketing traffic & conversions

There's no denying video cuts through online like no other medium. We harness the power of video marketing and SEO and social advertising to get your business in front of your idea audience. Not only are customers used to watching videos online, this strategy alone will give you an advantage over your competition.

Web Design and Video Marketing  Frederick MD By Lovell Media Group


enhance seo & content strategy

Search Engine Optimization aka SEO is when we position your site in the top of Google when your customers search in order learn about your industry, service, or reviews. By developing the content and small edits to your website we are able to help online searchers see your website more often and help them become a customer!

SEO and Web Design Frederick Maryland

Let Us Help You Compete Online

Let's Convert "Looky-Lou"'s into REAL Customers 

Your business gets one shot to make a good impression online because of so many options online. Most business owners I speak to believe that their competition is really their other competitors online or down the street however what most owner's don't know is that they are also competing with a lack of Trust, Complexity Resistance, Indecision and In Action. Your customer has options but are you optimized to help customers o overcome these invisible competitors? If not let us help.

We Can Help You Reach Your Business Goals

Let us review your business, talk about your goals and opportunities, and craft a digital marketing plan to help you reach those goals.

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