Arthur Lovell

Why Lovell Media gROUP was created? 

There is a knowledge gap between the online marketing service required for small businesses to grow their business online and the larger corporations that have full-time marketing staff to execute. 

Typically hiring a full-time online marketing staff that actually has the experience and skill to execute a comprehensive digital marketing strategy isn't an option for a small to mid-size business and they prefer consultative relationship.

Why? Because I have either worked at or with large organizations and helped grow their SEO or digital marketing efforts for last 9 years and can leverage that wealth of experience to impact their business and their specific situation immediately.  Below are just a few of the previous places that I have helped grow they're online presence.

FrontPoint Security

Managed and grew the SEO strategy for a national home security start-up that helping to disrupt the home security services marketplace.


Help implement and enhance a digital marketing strategy for a large education technology firm

Envision Experience

Managed and grew the SEO strategy for an international K-12 and higher education education events program.

tootoomoo uk

Grew the SEO footprint of a UK-based multiple location restaurant chain

Here There!

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